A role-playing game of outcasts, academics and horror

Grimsby Academy is currently in the brainstorming phase.
Game coming soon!

Grimsby Academy is a co-narrative, Co-oppositional, RPG of gothic horror, supernatural academics and tragic twists. Based on the FLOW RPG system. Grimsby Academy allows players to take on the role of a character at the seemingly cursed Grimsby Academy as they try to survive awful events.

What is a Co-narrative, Co-Oppositional, Role-playing game?

Unlike traditional table top RPGs, Grimsby Academy does not have a game master that is dictating the story. Each player gets to help create a story of college friendships, annoying rivals and supernatural happenings. While you are trying to graduate, the main goal is to tell a good story with your fellow players. Using the best possible stat every time is a sound strategy, but does it tell an exciting story? Your goal while playing Grimsby Academy should be story first, winning second.

Where are the dice?!

Grimsby Academy uses a brand new game system that is dice free. Instead, a standard deck of playing cards, with the jokers included, is used for each character. The deck is divided amongst a character's stats and used when a player attempts certain actions during the game. So leave those dice in your dorm room!


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